MA Top Docs Proudly Presents December 2019 Approved Providers

MA Top Docs Proudly Presents December 2019 Approved Providers

MA Top Docs and MA Top Dentists are proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for December 2019.

MA Top Docs Include:


  • Dr. Ghulam Chaudhary
  • Dr. Alanna Coolong

Family Medicine

  • Dr. Douglas W. Comeau
  • Dr. Lisa M. Connolly


  • Dr. Catherine Cheney
  • Dr. Francis Colizzo

Hand Surgery

  • Dr. Simon Cornelissen

Infectious Disease

  • Dr. Brian Cilley

Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Adepeju Champion
  • Dr. Janet Chang
  • Dr. Sheila Chapman
  • Dr. Frank Chau
  • Dr. Connie Chen
  • Dr. Joanna Cichon
  • Dr. Lindsay Cole
  • Dr. Gary Coles
  • Dr. Christopher Coley
  • Dr. Amy Colson
  • Dr. Thomas Consolati
  • Dr. Maria Copello
  • Dr. Teresa Corcoran
  • Dr. Nancy Corliss

Medical Oncology

  • Dr. Joseph Corkery


  • Dr. Jeffrey Chang
  • Dr. Joann C. Chang
  • Dr. Vicki M. Chen
  • Dr. Jason Ian Comander
  • Dr. Hugh Cooper
  • Dr. C. Douglas Evans
  • Dr. David Gendelman

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Dr. Simon Chao
  • Dr. Jonathan Cluett


  • Dr. David Chesney
  • Dr. Bartley Cilento
  • Dr. Christopher Cooper

Physical Medicine / Physiatry

  • Dr. Mark Finno

Plastic Surgery

  • Dr. Amy Colwell

Pulmonology / Critical Care

  • Dr. Ana Cojocaru

MA Top Dentists Include:

General Dentistry

  • Dr. Yen-Ching Chen

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